Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you are throwing away money. It’s that simple. Call Whacko Media now to learn how a mobile-unfriendly website saps your business of its profit potential.

We get it — you may have paid good money for your website years ago. You hoped you could “set it and forget it,” not have to bother with it anymore. As a result, your website:

  • Looks dated
  • Loads slowly
  • Looks bad on smartphones and tablets
  • Is hard to use on smartphones and tablets
  • Doesn’t convert new customers or leads
  • Badly needs a rebuild!

Web trends have changed dramatically. Over half of all searches now take place on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Since 2017 alone, mobile web traffic has increased by a whopping 52%.

A mobile-friendly website is no longer a cool trick. It is a mandatory feature.

Mobile optimization is often the crucial first step to turn your website into a major profit center for your business. If your website is missing this key feature, message us now to discuss affordable fixes.

Whacko Media is an experienced team of web development professionals. We can quickly design a stylish and stunning website for your business that displays properly in any browser window on all screen sizes, including smartphones, tablets, and PC screens of any size. Call us to find out how we take your vision mobile!

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Why Have a Mobile-Responsive Web Design?

Today’s internet users expect websites to be seamless and intuitive, whether viewing them on a PC browser or a mobile browser. By partnering with Whacko Media to take your site mobile, you are guaranteed a site that:

Adapts to Any Screen Size Naturally.

Mobile-responsive sites detect the destination screen size and adapt accordingly, condensing to fewer columns, adding tap-icon menus, self-editing to load quicker, while still preserving all the crucial content of the desktop site.

Easy to Use on a Small Screen.

Your mobile visitors will no longer need to pinch-resize, side-scroll or pan
to read content or find links, or accidentally tap the wrong link while panning around a desktop-optimized site.

Click-to-Call Function.

Your phone number becomes a clickable link, allowing browsers to immediately
call you with a tap of the screen, converting to a customer or lead right then and there.

Works Perfectly on Any Browser.

Whether it loads on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari,
on a PC, tablet, or smartphone, your site will look the way it is supposed to look.

More Time-on-Page.

Studies have shown that over half of all visitors will “bounce back” (immediately
leave) a website on their mobile device if it is slow to load and/or not optimized for a mobile device. If users see a beautiful, user-friendly site on their device, they will stay on the page longer. This stat is critical to search engine ranking, making your site easier for potential customers to find.

Mobile-First Indexing.

Search engine web crawlers actually look for the mobile version of your site first. If you have no mobile version, search engines like Google automatically rank you lower, making your site harder for new clients to find.

Upgrading can be Cost-Effective and Simple.

Business owners fear a huge undertaking with a hefty price tag, but a mobile upgrade can be less pricey than you think. Often we can convert what you already have into a modern mobile-friendly website. Call us to learn more about how we do this.

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Here Are Some Questions Business Owners Ask Us About Responsive Web Design.

How long does it take to build a website?

We get inquiry like this constantly and we could only say it varies. The timeline in developing a website depends on the specific requirements and objectives of individual clients.

Therefore, we will only provide a projected overview after comprehending your scope and conditions during the consultation and interview process.

What are the charges like to design and develop a website?

The investment to design and build a website differ as it depends on your prerequisites and business goals. You can reach out to us for a non-obligatory quote.

How do we commence our project?

We have a standard operating procedure that we follow for our website project; Arrange a chat or a meeting with us to for more information on our project flow.

Which content management system do you use to build your website?

For the informative website, we usually use WordPress. Whereas for an eCommerce website, we have a list of content management systems we used such as WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento that cater to the different business needs.

Do you provide hosting services?

All of our websites come with hosting packages. Do contact us for more information.

Do you design and develop microsites for promotional campaigns?

Yes, we do. We strongly believe that an eye-catching microsite will further optimize the corresponding advertising campaign that you are actively promoting.

Are you able to revamp or update a current website that was built by another developer?

It is possible for us to do so and we strongly encourage you to contact us so we could better assist you and your requirements.

Do you offer content writing services?

We have a team of in-house copywriters that will help in writing compelling content for your website.

WHACKO MEDIA: Stylish and Stunning

At Whacko Media, we take great pride in what we do best — we deliver stylish and stunning websites that attract visitors and convert them to loyal customers.

Our years of experience on the cutting edge of web design trends make us fully qualified to partner with businesses of all sizes — from startups to massive multinationals we will work closely with them on their web build project at every stage from conception to completion.

Our development services include:

  • Design and Development
  • Responsive Design Support
  • eCommerce
  • CMS
  • API
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • App Development for Web and Social Platforms
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Contact Whacko Media today to learn how you can revive a dead website into a major driver of growth for your business!

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